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Twitter to Target Ads Based on Interests (The Wall Street Journal)
Twitter on Thursday said it will allow advertisers to more easily target their ad messages to people based on their interests, a shift some advertisers have been demanding of the short-messaging service. A company that sells a sports drink, for example, could elect to show paid ads to Twitter users who are fans of professional football. CNET The micro-blogging service will provide advertisers with 350 “interest categories” whose top-tier sections include groupings such as home and garden, sports, investing, pets and politics. Twitter determines which categories users fit into via its “interest graph” — Twitter’s own proprietary chart of user connections and relationships. AdAge Keyword targeting had previously been available for promoted accounts (where marketers pay for each new user who follows them) and for promoted tweets in search, but not for promoted tweets in user timelines, which is Twitter’s core ad product. Those could only be targeted to a brand’s followers and users that Twitter deemed similar to them, making them a blunt instrument. AllTwitter Twitter says its beta testing of interest targeting produced positive results, so we’ll see. Facebook ads are successful because they target audiences based on user-provided data, but that social network is very different from Twitter. TechCrunch In addition to interest targeting, Twitter is also announcing a change to the auctions that determine which promoted content gets shown. The minimum bid in those auctions has been reduced from 50 cents to 1 cent.

Sheryl Sandberg, Superhero (and Now, Author) (VentureBeat)
Smart, technical, superrich, twice-successful entrepreneur, powerful, beautiful, a successful public speaker, a smart dresser: Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg is now, apparently, also an author. Sandberg has written a book called “Lean In” to encourage women to double down on work and career. AllThingsD The book is not a memoir, but a “call to action” with a lot of research and data, laced with anecdotes of the experience of one of Silicon Valley’s most high-profile female executives and also many other women. Juggling leadership roles and family has been a central topic of Sandberg’s in numerous speeches she has given in recent years. Business Insider Before Facebook’s IPO, UltraViolet, a political group that fights sexism, was ticked off that Facebook didn’t have a woman on its board of directors. Facebook eventually added Sandberg to the board, but she’s still the only woman on the board.

Romney Campaign Promotes Topic on Twitter Ahead of Acceptance Speech (The Hill)
Mitt Romney’s campaign promoted Romney and Paul Ryan Thursday as a top topic of conversation on Twitter ahead of the acceptance speech. Romney’s digital director, Zac Moffatt, told ClickZ this is the first time a presidential campaign has used a promoted trend, which Twitter confirmed. Mashable Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s Wednesday night Republican National Convention speech was a powerful conversation driver on Twitter. It pushed overall tweets about the RNC to more than 2 million as he took the stage — six times the number of tweets sent during both 2008 conventions combined.

Bing Integrates Facebook Photo Search (PC Magazine)
Bing is turning its search engine into a one-stop-shop for your every social need, announcing on Thursday the integration of Facebook friends’ photos into your results. The Microsoft-owned search engine now lets users quickly find any particular picture they’re looking for – be it a photo from last summer’s family reunion or a snapshot of the sun setting behind a favorite city skyscraper.

Now at 20 Million Users, Flipboard Adds Video (Lost Remote)
Flipboard users can now browse curated channels of video like news TV, cooking TV, science TV and influencer TV. Or they can follow their favorite branded YouTube channels like AP, ESPN, Team Coco, CBS Sports, Revision3 and National Geographic.

YouTube Partners Can Now Connect Their Google+ Profiles to Use Their Real Names (The Next Web)
Google has announced that YouTube partners will now be able to switch to display their full name as it appears on their Google+ profile. If your YouTube channel is built around a brand name, you’ll need to wait until Google+ Pages are available to link up – something it says it’s currently working on.

Controversial Facebook Photo Causes Diplomatic Rift Between Kyrgyzstan and Belarus
(The Daily Dot)
A photograph uploaded on Facebook by activist Misha Pashkevich has caused a quarrel between Kyrgyzstan and Belarus, two former Soviet nations that are nearly 3,000 miles apart. The image shows a person who closely resembles Janysh Bakiyev wandering the streets of Minsk, Belarus.

The Internet’s Got Tesla Fever: New Kickstarter Campaign Aims to Tell Tesla’s Life Story (SocialTimes)
The Oatmeal has made headlines this summer with his Indiegogo campaign to buy back the old Wardenclyffe laboratory of Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla, best known for his contributions to our modern day electrical system, and turn it into a museum. A new Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $35,000 by Sept. 9 to tell the life story of Nikola Tesla.

Pentagon Fighting Taliban on Social Media Front (USA Today)
The U.S. military is ramping up efforts to counter the Taliban’s growing presence on social media sites by aggressively responding to falsehoods and reporting violations of the sites’ guidelines on violent threats, experts say. Twitter accounts or websites associated with militant groups typically take responsibility for attacks whether or not they had anything to do with them.

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