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Facebook Down, Google+ Up With Customers (San Francisco Chronicle)
Changes Facebook has made to its user experience, such as Timeline, along with concerns over privacy, have brought down the social network’s consumer satisfaction score, according to a new report. Meanwhile, Google’s social network, Google+, scored fairly high in an annual survey of 70,000 customers by the American Consumer Satisfaction Index and analytics firm ForeSee. The Huffington Post Facebook scored a lowly 61 out of 100 in customer satisfaction among active users, an eight-point drop from 2011. Twitter and LinkedIn fared only slightly better with 64 and 63, respectively. Pinterest received a score of 69, while YouTube had 73. Google+ topped all these with 78. Daily Mail Because social media so frequently involves the sharing of personal information, privacy remains a major concern for users. The sheer volume of advertising on these sites is another contributor to low satisfaction. The Atlantic Wire The user contraction news was enough to put Facebook stock below the 30 mark — above which it had stabilized over the last month — because people are exactly what Facebook sells. If we learned anything from the recent sale of Digg, which went for the dismal price of $500,000, it’s that a social network is only as valuable as its users. It’s important to remember that Facebook has more than 900 million users compared to Google+’s 250 million, with reports in the past claiming that Google+ users engaged very little with the site. Still, the people who actually do use Google+ seem to like it.

LivingSocial Delves into Physical Goods With New Online Retail Shop (The Verge)
Earlier this year LivingSocial expanded its service by letting users order takeout, and now it’s expanding even further by selling physical goods through the new LivingSocial Shop. The new digital storefront features weekly collections of products all based around a theme — “Beach Bound” is the debut collection, and it includes everything from water bottles and towels to chairs and umbrellas. VentureBeat Although many will compare LivingSocial Shop to Groupon Goods, it’s a very different product targeted at a different audience. Groupon Goods has been largely a liquidation model. If you’ve got pallets of junk to get rid of, do a deal with Groupon, and it will blast an email to tens of millions of people and move it for you. CNBC LivingSocial chief executive Tim O’Shaughnessy stressed that LivingSocial is more than just a daily deals service. It will curate its offers for consumers based on all the information it knows about them, based in turn on their purchase history.

HootSuite’s Update Gives Buffer a Run for its Money; TweetDeck’s Update is Less Impressive (AllTwitter)
If you’re a fan of autoscheduling your tweets, a la Buffer, you’re going to go bananas over the new HootSuite autoscheduling option. Oh, and you can now scroll and link to tweets from TweetDeck.

Internet Tells Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer: Fix Flickr (CNET)
Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s new CEO, has lots of challenges ahead of her. Now making its way around the Internet: the new site and matching Twitter hashtag that broadcast eight words contributors hope will inspire change: “Dear Marissa Mayer, please make Flickr awesome again.”

No. 1 Facebook App Socialcam Sold for $60 Million (AllFacebook)
The top Facebook application, Socialcam, has been sold. The video-sharing app has been acquired for $60 million by design firm Autodesk.

Reddit User Scours Social Media for Information About Toronto Shooting (Mashable)
After a shooting at a barbecue in eastern Toronto left two dead and 21 wounded, a Reddit user turned to Twitter to figure out all he could learn about those involved in the tragic event and share it with the r/Toronto community, a sub-group for discussion about the city. The post has since gone viral on Reddit and elsewhere on the social Web.