Social Media Newsfeed: FarmVille 2 | Twitter API | Lumia Windows Phone

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Nokia Unveils New Lumia Windows Phone (USA Today)
Nokia on Wednesday introduced a new smartphone that will serve as the flagship handset in its alliance with Microsoft. The 920 model, which will have a 4.5-inch screen, 32 gigabytes of storage and run on the next version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8, is aimed at a more discriminating customer base that values a high-end camera and a larger, clear display. The New York Times/Bits Blog Nokia also briefly introduced the Lumia 820, a mid-priced smartphone with exchangeable covers. The companies did not disclose prices or release dates for either of the phones, but said they would arrive in some markets in the the last three months of this year. Reuters Nokia shares plummeted 13 percent after its new Lumia smartphones failed to impress investors looking for transformational handsets to rescue the struggling Finnish company. The Lumia was the first in a flurry of planned mobile-device launches expected ahead of the holiday shopping season. AP Nokia sold 4 million Lumia phones in the second quarter, a far cry from the 26 million iPhones that Apple sold during those three months. So far, the line hasn’t helped Nokia halt its sales decline. The Wall Street Journal Competitors hoping to catch up with Apple not only have to come up with great technology, they have precious little time to do it. Apple set a high technical bar for mobile phones with the introduction of the iPhone in 2007.

Zynga Takes Facebook Farming to the Next Level With Farmville 2 (Mashable)
Zynga announced the global launch of FarmVille 2 Wednesday, the next generation of the company’s popular Facebook-farming game. Zynga’s first game to be built entirely in 3D, the game lets players not only grow and harvest crops but also use those crops to do things like feed chickens on their farm or bake treats they can then take to market and sell. TechCrunch As it turns out, FarmVille 2’s visuals were even more important to nail than I had expected. According to Zynga vice president of games Tim LeTourneau, the sequel’s goals extend beyond attracting new players — it’s also meant to reignite the latent desires of FarmVille players who have “moved on from the game.” AllThingsD Amazingly, after all this time, FarmVille continues to attract more than 18 million players a month, making it Zynga’s sixth-most-popular game. It also brings in more revenue than any other Zynga title, accounting for 29 percent of the company’s revenue in the second quarter.

Hey, App Makers, Twitter’s More Restrictive API Has Arrived (VentureBeat)
The threat of Twitter’s API changes is no longer looming. The information network sprang into action Wednesday with the promised release of version 1.1.

Should Traditional Media Have Ceded Coverage of the Conventions to Social? (Ebyline/Newshook)
They may be scripted down to the last fist pump but, if nothing else, the 2012 Democratic and Republican national conventions should be remembered as a turning point for the news business. That’s because the numbers, and the buzz, make a pretty convincing case that social media took the mantle from traditional media in covering the Charlotte and Tampa confabs.

Q&A Site Quora Launches Android App (PC Magazine)
Quora today took the wraps off its official Android app. All of the core features of Quora – home feed, notifications, question and answer, comments – can now be found on Android smartphones and tablet devices.

Facebook’s Mobile Interface for Pages Looks More Like Timeline (AllFacebook)
Facebook recently announced that the mobile experiences for iOS and Android will change for the better. Sister site Inside Facebook noticed that some of the tweaks with regard to pages have already gone live, making the mobile interface look a lot more like the desktop version of timeline.

YouTube to Launch VOD-Style Movie Rentals on Select Connected TVs (SocialTimes)
Move aside Netflix, iTunes and Amazon. YouTube will be offering rentals on select Smart TVs and connected devices in select countries before the year’s end.

LinkedIn’s Real-Time Notifications Could Help Speed Up Job Hunts (ZDNET)
While real-time notifications are commonplace on Facebook and other social networks, LinkedIn is finally getting in on the action by adding the feature to its platform. The business social network is launching its new notifications feature, which will include updates in real-time when a contact likes what you’ve shared on LinkedIn, views your profile, accepts your invitation and more.

The Hill’s White House Reporter Faces Twitter Gone Wild (FishbowlDC)
In the wacky world of social media, you never know when your smartphone is going to go psycho on you and start snapping pictures of your co-worker’s shoes and shoot them out via Twitter. This was the ill-fated luck of The Hill White House correspondent Amie Parnes Tuesday morning as she appeared to be extremely focused on the shoes of Irish co-worker Niall Stanage.