Social Media Newsfeed: Facebook Romance | Obama Social Media Hacked

Facebook research shows romantic relationships through links. President Barack Obama's Facebook, Twitter accounts hacked. These stories and more, in today's Morning Social Media Newsfeed.

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Researchers Draw Romantic Insights from Maps of Facebook Networks (The New York Times/Bits Blog)
It’s not in the stars after all. Instead, it seems, the shape of a person’s social network is a powerful signal that can identify one’s spouse or romantic partner — and even if a relationship is likely to break up. Quartz In a fascinating paper to be published next year, Facebook social scientist Lars Backstrom and Cornell University professor Jon Kleinberg reveal just how much insight can be gleaned from the structure of a network, illustrating both the value of what the American security establishment reassures us is “just metadata” and revealing Facebook’s baroque privacy settings as the faith-based garments of the emperor’s new clothes. Mashable/MIT Technology Review The latest offering from Facebook’s data-science team teases out who is romantically involved with whom by examining link structures. It turns out that if one of your Facebook friends — let’s call him Joe — has mutual friends that touch disparate areas of your life, and those mutual friends are themselves not extensively connected, it’s a strong clue that Joe is either your romantic partner or one of your closest personal friends. The Verge The researchers were able to identify who was dating whom with 60 percent accuracy, much better than the 2 percent accuracy they’d get from random guessing. High dispersion also seems to be correlated with longer relationships. BetaBeat The study was part of Facebook’s never-ending efforts to perfect its ability to serve up relevant ads. So if you start seeing divorce lawyers in your news feed, it might be time to start worrying.

Syrian Hackers Hit Obama-Linked Twitter, Facebook Accounts (Reuters)
The Syrian Electronic Army, a hacker group sympathetic to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, on Monday seized control of an online tool used by an advocacy organization for U.S. President Barack Obama to redirect links sent from his Twitter and Facebook accounts. The link shortener used by Organizing for Action, a group that evolved from Obama’s re-election campaign, was briefly hacked, an official from the group said. Link shorteners abbreviate Web links so they take up less space in a tweet, which is limited to 140 characters.

Pinterest Refers More Traffic to Retail Sites Than Reddit, Twitter and YouTube Combined (SocialTimes)
A recent study from Adobe Digital Index, which tracked about 60 of the top 100 brands, indicates that marketers are getting smarter about engaging with social media audiences and seeing a higher return for social media marketing. In fact, revenue over cost was up nearly 60 percent in Q3 2013.

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Tumblr’s Value to Advertisers Undervalued ‘By as Much as 450 Percent’ (VentureBeat)
If there’s a social/content network that could be voted as most likely to succeed in 2014, it just might be Yahoo’s biggest recent purchase, Tumblr. That’s perhaps odd to say, as the massively popular network of microblogs currently hosts almost 150 million blogs, sees 99 million posts every day, has over 65 billion posts, and has a very nice site ranking of fifth in the U.S.

5 Tips for Taking Mobile Photos ‘Like a Pro’ (AllFacebook)
When it comes to posts by brands on Facebook, marketing study after marketing study after marketing study has found that photos and images result in more engagement than text-based posts. So how can marketers ensure that their photos are of the best quality?

Nokia Tweets Teaser of Instagram for Windows Phone on a Lumia 1020 (The Next Web)
Nokia Monday tweeted an image featuring two Lumia 1020s: one shows off the back of the device and the other is facing forward, running Instagram for Windows Phone. Unfortunately, there’s still no date of availability for the hightly-anticipated app as Nokia merely echoed the frustrating “coming weeks” timeframe.