Social Media Newsfeed: Facebook Releases Slingshot | Snapchat Adds Our Story

Facebook releases Slingshot app on purpose this time. Rival Snapchat unveils collaborative timelines based on events. These stories, and more, in today's Morning Social Media Newsfeed.

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SlingshotLogo Facebook Takes Shot at Snapchat with Slingshot (USA Today)
Facebook hopes its new Slingshot app will get people talking. The widely anticipated mobile app was released Tuesday in the U.S. for iPhones and Android phones. AllFacebook Slingshot is a photo- and video-sharing app with a twist: Users will not be able to see “shots” from their friends until they “sling” something back in return. Slingshot follows the first effort from Facebook Creative Labs, Paper, which released an extensive update Monday in an effort to rekindle dwindling interest in the iPhone-only app. The Next Web The photos or videos sent can have text added either right over the image or as a caption. Plus, you can draw on the images. Wired Slingshot also represents Facebook’s latest attempt to break up the components of its online platform into separate, single-serving mobile apps, a la Google. There’s Facebook Messenger, for chatting; Facebook’s Paper, for reading and discovering new content; Facebook, for staying up to date on friend’s activities and sharing your own; and the failed Facebook Poke and Facebook Camera apps (now replaced by Instagram). Forbes Facebook is anxious to own mobile messenging, which CEO Mark Zuckerberg refers to as “private content.” In February, it spent $19 billion to buy WhatsApp, a messenging app with more than 500 million users.

Snapchat Launches Collaborative Timelines Based On Events (TechCrunch)
In related news, Snapchat’s “Our Story” is slightly reminiscent of Color in that it lets you add Snaps to a single, event-based Story with your friends. And it requires no update. The idea is that whenever you’re at a big event — take, for example, the Electric Daisy Carnival where “Our Story” will debut — an option to add to that event’s Story will appear just below the option to add it to your own Story. The entire group of attendees, regardless of friendship within the app, can post to a single stream of event awesome.

Yahoo Rolls Out Tumblr Native Ads (SocialTimes)
Yahoo will begin rolling out Tumblr native ads across its platform, including Yahoo News and Yahoo Tech. Among the first brands to sign up for Tumblr sponsored posts are Lipton, Tide, The Hunger Games and Lexus, according to Ad Age.

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Here’s the Twitter Tracking Tool More People Should Know About (Re/code)
Last week, YouTube product-bigshot-turned-venture-capitalist Hunter Walk turned me on to Bio Is Changed, a simple tool that sends you email alerts each time someone you follow on Twitter changes his or her bio. You can receive alerts in near real time, or in daily or weekly digests. You can track Twitter photo changes, too.

Social Media Battle Augments Iraq Bloodshed (CNN)
Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, a terror group so extreme that al Qaeda has denounced it, is taking the lead with a social media propaganda war the likes of which has never been seen. From recruiting fighters to spreading word of their violent attacks, ISIS is taking to the Web in what analysts say is a more sophisticated manner than previous combatants.

Inside Look at FIFA’s World Cup App (LostRemote)
The World Cup is underway in what’s shaping up to be one of the summer’s biggest TV events. A few days before the tournament took off FIFA released a free downloadable app to complement the viewing experience.

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UK Official Reveals Secret Justification for Gov’t Social Media Spying (ars technica)
According to newly published court testimony by a high-ranking British security official, bulk collection of social media posts from sites like Facebook, Google, and Twitter is permissible in the United Kingdom absent a specific warrant under British law, since such information constitutes “external communications.” In a 48-page declaration (PDF) by Charles Farr, director general of the UK’s Office for Security and Counterterrorism, the senior intelligence official defended the legality of the British government scooping up social media information en masse absent individual search warrants.

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