39 Apps Every Social Media Marketer Needs To Know

Need help measuring or monetizing your social media activities? One of the apps in the list that follows is bound to come to your rescue!

Our “What You Need to Know About” series of application profiles has been helping brands and agencies select the most appropriate tools to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their campaigns.

Need to improve your social media monitoring, engagement or monitization? Check these out – one is bound to come to your rescue!

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Applications are classified by their primary function. For example, some montitoring/analytics apps also include Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features.

Social Media Monitoring & Analytics

1. Alterian SM2

Business intelligence solution designed to capture and analyze data from social media channels to monitor brands, identify key communities/influencers, address customer service issues, conduct unbiased research and generate sales leads.

2. Analytic.ly

Fed by a custom database, facilitates the searching and filtering of online conversations in real time, over an extended period of time, across events, global social media stats, keywords and brands.

3. Awareness foursquare Perspectives

Part of the Awareness Social Marketing Hub, this tool generates and delivers comprehensive reports for enterprise marketers to uncover trends across multiple foursquare venues

4. Converseon

Suite of social media listening products to turn the vast, unstructured, unprompted online conversation into a rich source of meaningful insights, intelligence and information.

5. InfiniGraph

InfiniGraph tracks social network use to measure the strength of user connections brands, friends and followers, as well as to help brands identify and analyze influencer segmentation, brand affinity and social activity hubs.

6. NetBase

Search and discovery tools using semantic technology to access consumer opinions, emotions and behaviors to drive the direction of a social media marketing strategy.

7. Network Insights SocialSenseFB

Networked Insight’s SocialSenseFB is a social media tool that allows companies to analyze what fans are saying on Facebook about their brand and competitors’ brand.

8. Position2 Brand Monitor

A cloud-based, collaborative platform that enables companies to listen, discover and engage with social media conversations with data stored and processed by a custom indexing engine.

9. PSS CREDBoard

Dashboard that adds social media touch points to the company’s enterprise-wide customer engagement offerings.

10. RowFeeder

Media monitoring solution built on Excel, allowing users to stay in their Excel workflow for reporting and analysis of Twitter and Facebook keywords.

11. Scout Labs

Real-time social media search engine that is continuously scanning the web for the voice-of-the customer, processing the data and displaying it in a real-time dashboard.

12. Spiral16

Spiral16 offers a web-monitoring platform and 3D visual-mapping tool that gathers and analyzes relevant, in-depth business intelligence.

13. Synthesio

The Synthesio multilingual, social media monitoring platform uses a hybrid of tech and human monitoring services to help brands and agencies collect and analyze consumer conversations and online mainstream media.

14. uberVU

uberVU provides real-time mentions, analytics and options to help brands understand the impact social media has on their business. After the jump – what you need to know about uberVU.

Social Media Appplications and CRM – Cross Platform

15. Compass Labs

Compass Labs’ real-time social media solution is designed to target potential buyers and improve engagement, conversion and ROI for advertisers.

16. FaceTime Socialite

Security management and compliance solution for social networks that allows organizations to deploy a SaaS solution suite to monitor, control and archive activity conducted on the corporate network.

17. Gigya

Gigya is a software-as-a-service technology for scalable social CRM, deigned to unify the most popular identity and social providers including Facebook, Twitter, PayPal and LinkedIn and bring social sign-in features and benefits to corporate websites

18. HootSuite

Social media dashboard which allows organizations to schedule and publish messages to multiple social networks, monitor and filter conversations and track results to rapidly adjust outreach tactics.

19. Involver AMP

Enterprise platform for marketers to monitor their brands’ audience across social channels and then publish, schedule and manage their brand’s strategy and presence across the social web.

20. JitterJam

Web-based Social CRM system that combines social media, email and mobile engagement with a contact database and the tools designed to turn social interaction into opportunities.

21. KickApps

Web-based social content management system that enables Web publishers and marketers to develop branded communities, social applications and interactive widgets at their domain and across the social web.

22. Loyalty Match On Demand

Cloud-based application that improves upon the traditional tiered-based loyalty program model by taking advantage of the social incentives, interactions, gaming and word of mouth of social media.

23. MarketMeSuite

MarketMeSuite is a dashboard to help businesses proactively manage their social media marketing.

24. NetVibes

Netvibes is a personalized dashboard to monitor, personalize and publish all aspects of one’s daily digital life with access to all apps activities, widgets and feeds in one place on desktops and mobile devices.

25. Offerpop

A Web-based social marketing platform which helps brands recruit, engage and convert customers on Twitter and Facebook, Offerpop includes a campaign builder, instant landing pages and built-in reports along with social marketing apps.

26. Shoutlet

Shoutlet provides a centralized platform that helps companies manage and monetize their social media communication.

27. Simplify360

Simplify360 is a social analytics, engagement and campaign platform to monitor brands on social networking sites, news sites, blogs and video sharing portals based on keywords and sentiment.

28. StrongMail Social Studio

Social media marketing platform that includes a referral marketing solution, a social sharing widget for web and email, and a campaign management application for Facebook and Twitter.

29. Syncapse Platform

The Syncapse Platform is an enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application designed to help marketers to create a global, cross platform social media presence.

30. Vitrue Social Relationship Management Platform

Vitrue works with marketers of all sizes, as well as agencies, to deliver a turnkey, comprehensive solution to message, manage, measure and maximize interactions across Facebook and Twitter.

31. Zuberance Advocate Platform

A hosted service that enables companies to systematically identify and mobilize their Brand Advocates, plus track results of Advocate marketing programs in real-time

Social Media Applications and CRM – Facebook

32. Buddy Media

Facebook management system to connect brands with their current and future customers and allowing them to launch, maintain and measure their Facebook presence across multiple countries and languages.

33. Context Optional Social Marketing Suite

An integrated, SaaS solution that enables enterprises to effectively and efficiently build, monitor, manage and measure their brand presence on Facebook capable of supporting a large number of pages, administrators and fans.

34. Infused Palermo

Social commerce platform for brands to provide fully functioning stores – with inventory browsing, shopping cart and checkout capabilities – directly onto their Facebook fan pages.

35. Open Audience Manager

Open Audience Manager helps marketers with large web sites embed Facebook’s Like button into their web pages and subsequently publish newsfeed updates to Friends of any page.

36. Raven Facebook Tool

Component of Raven Internet Marketing Tools that integrates Google Analytics with Facebook Insights and allows users to schedule updates and report on campaign metrics.

Social Media Applications – Mobile

37. Kony Solutions

Suite of products and support services designed to enable large brands to design, develop, deploy and manage feature-rich mobile applications in a device independent manner and deployed across multiple channels.

38. Pushpins

Pushpins is a viral, mobile couponing platform that pushes coupons to consumer’s loyalty cards as they browse and scan products in grocery and retail settings.

39. Zoove

Mobile direct response marketing and distribution network that powers the StarStar Mobile Dial Code Service and Registry to help brands and advertisers bridge offline and online advertising via mobile phones

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