8 Million Americans Found Their Current Job On Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

A heady 8 million Americans say that they used Twitter to find their current job.

That number is impressive enough, but it pales in comparison to LinkedIn, where 10.2 million Americans say that they found work, and especially Facebook, which accounted for a staggering 18.4 million of successful hires.

In fact, according to this data, an eyebrow-raising 36,600,000 Americans used social media to find work, representing about 16 percent of the adult population.

One in six workers say that they used social media to get hired, with Facebook (50 percent) the most popular way to look for work, ahead of LinkedIn (26 percent) and Twitter (25 percent).

I don’t know about you, but all of these numbers seem very high to me, so, interesting as they are, it might be worth taking this with a hefty pinch. That said (and while I’m not American), Twitter has, in a roundabout way, played a major role in securing me my last two jobs, so maybe there’s something to it.

(Source: MBA Online. Hat tip: All Facebook. Top image credit: Lightspring via Shutterstock.)