Women Use (And Would Miss) Social Media More Than Men, Says Study [INFOGRAPHIC]

The gender divide on social media is pretty well established – study after study has shown that women are far more proactive on channels such as Twitter and Facebook than men, with some reports suggesting that the ‘average’ social media user is a white woman in her thirties.

Now, new data from BT has revealed that women are not only still using social media platforms more than men, but would miss them more if they were taken away.

BT studied the social habits of more than 2,000 British internet users, and discovered that while 54 percent of women regularly use these channels, just over one-third (34 percent) of men admitted to doing the same.

Moreover, BT noted that almost three times as many women (18 percent) than men (7 percent) would miss social networking if the internet no longer existed. Conversely, men are more likely to use photo and video sharing sites on social networks than women at a ratio of more than two to one.

These, and other findings, are detailed in the infographic below.

(Source: BT Man/woman image via Shutterstock.)