Social Media Case Study: National Golf Day Edition

golf balls

Golf and social media might seem like artifacts from entirely different eras, but when the two reach the green together they turn out to mesh quite well. In fact, they may be the only things on which our two political parties can reach agreement.

This case study, via Buffalo Communications, demonstrates the ways in which social can be integrated into pretty much anything.

The task: promote National Golf Day events in Washington, D.C. to audiences worldwide for client WeAreGolf.

The strategy: increase the reach with the help of strategic hashtags, professional golfers, golf fans and, yes, politicians.

The agency started with two very valuable tools at its disposal: a video production crew and golf legend Jack Nicklaus, ready to promote the game’s “$70 billion economy, $4 billion annual charitable impact, environmental value to local communities and fitness benefits.”

The biggest part of the campaign, though, was good old-fashioned media outreach.

The agency created a social media landing page and a PDF containing suggested social media content, tweets, links to social background images, and a series of infographics detailing golf’s environmental and fitness benefits. They distributed this packet to the World Golf Admin’s allied partners, including the PGA, Golf World magazine, The Golf Channel, several top golfers and various brands. Some partners customized the content while others shared it as they received it.

The biggest sign of the campaign’s success? The fact that it was trending on Twitter for more than an hour. Some examples:

Instagram saw plenty of related activity as well.

A key part of the strategy was debuting the hashtag three weeks prior to the May 21st event; it achieved two million impressions before the festivities even started. A rep tells us that the agency simply “used things that worked” from years past.

Of course, there were plenty of multi-media distractions on hand including “a ‘Closest to the Pin’ contest utilizing an aboutGolf simulator…and a Republican vs. Democrat ‘Putting Challenge.'”

We like that last one. So what about the reviews?

Steve Mona, CEO of the World Golf Foundation, writes:

“WE ARE GOLF’s #NGD14 campaign was a key driver in the success of National Golf Day. We were able to eclipse 16 million impressions – more than doubling our audience from 2013 – by sharing unique videos and imagery about golf’s economic, charitable, environmental and fitness benefits.”

Don’t believe us? Here are the stats:

  • 16,000,000 – Total impressions via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Google + (vs. 7.2 million in 2013)
  • 7,400,000 – Unique Twitter and Facebook accounts reached with #NGD14 and / or @wearegolf
  • 2,000,000 – #NGD14 impressions prior to May 21
  • 787,000 – Unique Twitter accounts reached in one hour span during campaign peak

…and here’s a bipartisan video recap:

…and now we need an Arnold Palmer, stat. Don’t skimp on the bourbon.