Social Media is the Biggest On-the-Job Time Waster [Infographic]

The IT staff is perhaps the most omniscient group in any office, and they know what you're wasting your time on while at work.

social media

IT professionals are privy to all the mistakes and errors made by employees during the workday in almost every company. Experts Exchange polled 1,100 IT professionals to find out the most egregious mistakes and the biggest wastes of company time that occur every day.

A staggering 92 percent of IT admins witnessed employees inappropriately using company computers. Social media browsing ranked as the most spotted waste of time, with 82 percent of employees Facebooking and tweeting on the company dime. The other infractions weren’t time sinks as such, but activities that could compromise work computers or the work network.

Fifty-seven percent of employees opened inappropriate email attachments, 51 percent plugged in unauthorized USB devices and 50 percent plugged in unauthorized personal devices like phones. The 39 percent of employees pirating music and software could also be at risk of compromising the security infrastructure. Still, it might be unwise to ban the use of external devices.

The main complaint that IT professionals have is that their jobs are made harder by a lack of tools and support. Sixty-six percent would recommend access to better security software, 47 percent would like to use remote access software to fix problems, and 44 believe their job would be greatly improved with the use of better disk cleanup software.

To see just how much IT professionals care about anti-virus software, and the level of higher education that IT professionals typically hold, view the infographic below.

social media