Social Media Rated Most Important Marketing Tool Over Next 3 Years (But Barely) [STUDY]

A lot can change in three years. Back in 2010, Twitter was a relative minnow compared to the global communications and media powerhouse, sitting on the verge of a closely-watched IPO, that it has become today.

Three years ago, Facebook had about one-third of the number of users that it has today. As of right now, both of these platforms dominate social media, and social media marketing.

But what about three years from now?

Adobe polled U.S. marketers about which tactics were likely to be most important to their business in the next three years, and found that 13 percent selected social media marketing as their top strategy, which is great news for folks working in the space.

But hold on. Social media finished just one percentage point ahead of personalisation and targeting (12 percent). Moreover, creativity and innovation (11 percent), digital advertising (11 percent) and cross-channel marketing (10 percent) all finished within three percentage points of first place.

Additionally, the same survey revealed that just 57 percent of marketers are confident about their social media marketing, which adds a little more uncertainty to the next 36 months.

Bottom line? We all still have a lot to learn. In this space as much as any, never trust anyone who claims to know everything.

(Source: eMarketer. Social media image via Shutterstock.)