Social Games Come to Football Through Canadian Site

NFL CanadaThough the big game is over, international usage of Facebook and its features are always something to keep an eye on. The latest find is a compilation of four simplistic titles called NFL Canada Social Games. Powered by Playaction and integrated with Facebook Connect, this football oriented portal brings everything from pools, to memory, to free cars to the table.

Despite what many seem to think, NFL popularity is hardly limited to just the United States, and NFL Canada is just the site to help sate that international thirst. Of course, that doesn’t mean one has to be Canadian to make use of the portal, but it couldn’t hurt considering that the registration to win a Nissan Pathfinder asks for your province. To be clear, this site is not for the Canadian Football League, which is a variation of American football.

For the record, this registration is just for the car, as the primary login is through Facebook Connect. Nonetheless, it is worth mentioning, as the more players play the collection of applicationss on the site, the more times they are entered to win (though there are limited entries per game per day or week).

NFL LiveThe first two games featured on the site are fairly similar and are dubbed NFL Confidence Pool Playoffs Edition and NFL Live. Each game is about predictions as you and a slew of other Facebook users try to predict what will happen in a game. What is interesting, however, is while Confidence poses questions before a game (i.e. “Which team will register more passing yards in the game?”), Live actually updates in real time with questions such as “What will the next play be?” In fact, you can even be notified via email before a game starts.

The other two games are more game-like – Quiznos Trivia and NFL Concentration – and are your basic quiz and memory type of games. In the former, players test their NFL knowledge with quirky football puns appearing based on your answer, while the latter is merely matching up team logos.

MemoryAll the games are amusing, but what makes them better than their descriptions is the Facebook integration. Through Facebook, players can not only publish results to their feed, but view weekly and overall leaderboards as well. More than this, however, one has to consider the social nature of the two prediction games.

Through Connect, Confidence is more reminiscent of an office pool (which may or may not be very social, depending on the people involved), and Live feels more like a bunch of buddies at a bar or in the living room guessing what will happen next. Granted, it’s not the same without the din of noise or 50 hot wings, but the prizes players can win from either of these games (beyond the Pathfinder), more than makes up for that (i.e. an NFL prize pack for Confidence).

Yes, the NFL season has come to a close, but the world is still turning as more and more international sites, apps, and developers empower, socially, themselves through Facebook. Unfortunately, it will be some time before NFL Canada sees heavy usage again, but until then perhaps it would be wise to brush up on your NFL trivia knowledge. After all, who knows what prizes they’ll be offering next season.