How Social Drives Sales [Report]

Pinterest leads to spontaneous purchasing more than any other network, while nearly one in three Facebook users have purchased an item after liking, sharing or commenting on it.

social drives sales

From Social to Sale

A whitepaper by cloud-based customer intelligence platform Vision Critical addresses how social drives sales.

The data — based on 6,000 responses to questions about social purchasing behavior — provides business insight into the relationship between social media and customer purchases.

Main findings from the report include the following:

  • Social media accounts for roughly half of all online and in-store purchases.
  • Four in ten social media users have purchased an item online or in-store after favoriting or sharing on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.
  • Half of those purchases took place within one week of sharing or favoriting.
  • 68 percent of Facebook users are “lurkers” who rarely post, which means social media analytics cannot measure the influence of social on lurkers’ purchasing decisions.
  • Pinterest drives spontaneous purchasing more than any other network.
  • Social media-related purchases that come from Twitter and Facebook are made by users who are already interested in a particular product.
  • Facebook is the network most likely to generate purchases; nearly one in three users have purchased an item after liking, sharing or commenting on it.

social to sale

The report makes the following recommendations for businesses:

  • Develop a strategy for using social to drive in-store purchasing.
  • Combine social media and transactional data with customer surveys that illuminate the social path-to-purchase for your products.
  • Focus social outreach on customers whose sharing indicates they are actively researching products in your category.
  • Prompt customers to take a survey on their smartphones while in-store.
  • Target your social media outreach to the window when sharers are most likely to purchase (i.e. one to three weeks after liking or tweeting).