7 Reasons Why we Use Social Media for Customer Service

7 Reasons Why we use Social Media for Customer Service

Earlier today we looked at an American Express study that suggested that less than 5 percent of users prefer social media for customer service enquiries.

However, while it may not be the first port of call, social is still an increasingly popular touchpoint for customers looking for a response from brands, with many turning to Twitter and Facebook after first connecting via their preferred channel (for example, email).

But why?

For 53 percent of respondents to the AMEX poll, praising companies for a great service experience was their top reason for using social media.

Conversely, 50 percent used these platforms to vent frustration over a poor experience somewhere else.

Here are the top seven reasons cited in the survey.

Why Use Social Media For Customer Service?

1. Praise a company for a great service experience (53 percent)
2. Vent frustration with a bad customer service experience (50 percent)
3. Share information about your service experience with a broader audience (46 percent)
4. Seek a response from a company to help you with a service issue (40 percent)
5. Seek recommendations from others about great service establishments (36 percent)
6. Praise an individual for providing a great service experience (35 percent)
7. Ask questions of other users about how to get better service (34 percent)

7 Reasons Why We Use Social Media for Customer Service

(Source: eMarketer.)

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