America’s CEOs Using Twitter, LinkedIn More, Facebook Less, Google+ Hardly At All [STUDY]

CEOs and social media haven’t always made the greatest of bedfellows – while some chief execs seem to spend almost all of their spare time online, many others don’t bother at all – new research from Domo and has revealed that the heads of America’s largest companies are gradually coming around to the idea of social networking, certainly when it comes to Twitter and linkedIn.

Facebook and Google+? Not so much.

Overall, 68 percent of the CEO’s of the FORTUNE 500 still have absolutely no presence on any of the major social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+). But, since last year, numbers are on the rise, particularly on Twitter, which has seen a 55.6 percent net gain on actively-tweeting CEOs since 2012. Okay, this represents a jump of just twelve new CEOs (totally 28) but, hey, progress is progress.

LinkedIn is also on the rise, with its 11 new CEOs representing a net gain of 8.5 percent on its already pretty-popular base for a total of 140 CEOs. Meanwhile, Facebook lost 3 CEOs in the past year (although remains more CEO-friendly than Twitter overall, with 35), and Google+ gained just one (for a total of four).

(Source: Domo. CEO image via Shutterstock.)