Which Social Calls To Action Really Work on Facebook, Twitter And Blogs? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Want more retweets on Twitter? Sure, who doesn’t, right?

So… have you tried asking for them?

Yep. Tweets that include the phrase “please retweet” are significantly more likely to be retweeted than other kinds of tweet (i.e., those that don’t say “please retweet”). And it has to be longhand, too – asking for someone to “please RT” generates a measurably lower return.

In fact, the only thing that converts better than “please retweet” is “please help”, but it would take a very callous marketer to attempt to use that phrase to their advantage (“Please help spread the word about these great products!”).

The truth is, calls to action may not be sexy, and they may not be good social etiquette (whatever that really is), but they work, and they work on Twitter. And Facebook. And blogs.

Check the infographic below for all the specifics.

(Source: Danzarrella.com. Social media image via Shutterstock.)