Do We Behave Badly When Using Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC]

How do people behave on social media sites?

Well, according to a recent study, actually pretty well. Just one in five teens and one in twenty adults said that people were “mostly unkind” on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, and two-thirds of all respondents said that social networking made them feel good about themselves.

The data, taken from a Pew Internet study and interpreted by Salesforce Rypple for this infographic, noted that when negativity does occur on social channels it’s mostly teens who are impacted. One quarter of teens got into trouble at school because of an incident on a social media site, and just 11 percent said that they had never encountered “mean or cruel behaviour” on these platforms.

This, and further analysis, can be found in the visualisation below.

(Source: Salesforce Rypple. Moral compass image via Shutterstock.)