76% Of Twitter, Facebook Users Log In At Least Once Each Day [STUDY]

How often do you log into Twitter?

If you’re anything like more than three-quarters of other Twitter users, you’ll be accessing the micro-blogging social network at least once each day. This level of activity places Twitter top amongst all social networks alongside Facebook (both have 76 percent of users logging in once or more each day), and ahead of Instagram (70 percent), Snapchat (67 percent) and YouTube (66 percent).

Google+, Pinterest (58 percent each) and, surprisingly, Myspace (46 percent) round out the top ten overall, with email (91 percent) and text messaging (83 percent) still the most popular daily “social” activities.

Overall, the data, which was obtained by a survey initiated by The Buntin Group and Survey Sampling International (on behalf of manufacturer Chinet), revealed that combined use of email, text and social media amongst respondents reached an eye-opening 23 hours per week.

(Source: eMarketer.)