So That’s What The Ambience Was All About

Trippy Vortex.jpg

Yesterday we told you about an interview with renegade designer Peter Seville. And today we tell you why we told you about it. This whole ambient thing isn’t just a one-off (unlike Marissa’s deep drug cover) but part of a Colorcalm DVD, “By Design,” which has three different ambient things that you watch, designed by three different people — Peter (with a New Order soundtrack), Irma Boom (music by Michael Nyman), and John Maeda from the MIT Media Lab (music by Ryuichi Sakamoto). Looks to us like it’s a DVD that you put on and you watch until you fall into a trance and you turn to your friend and you sort of look at each other and then you’re like

“Dude, are you…?”







Available at The Conran Shop. The one under the bridge on 59th Street. Or on the internets.