So-called Google Tablet UI Demo Still Avoids Pinch Gesture? Who Wants a 24-inch Tablet?

YouTube video courtesy of Neowin

Neowin has an interesting speculative piece about…

Google’s tablet UI concept pictures

We know that Google will introduce Chrome OS device later this year while Android devices have been available since late 2008. So, a Google tablet UI is not far fetched. But, take a look at the so-called concept video above. Note the size of the hands relative to the screen. If that is a “tablet”, it must be a 24-inch display. The gestures look like someone using Microsoft Surface (without window rotation being demonstrated). I thought it was interesting that the one example of window resizing didn’t use a pinch-to-zoom/expand gesture. If this is an actual Google UI concept demo, it looks like they are still avoiding iPhone like gestures.