Snow Job: Imposter Twitter Account Declares School District Closed, Hilarity Ensues

Someone, most likely a student who hadn’t done his algebra homework, created a fake Twitter account for Rogers Public Schools in Rogers, Ark., and used it to declare Monday a snow day. The account was convincing enough to cause district-wide confusion.

The prank worked because whoever ran the fake account had been lying in wait, mirroring the real one for nearly a year and had attracted close to 200 followers (about 700 follow the genuine article). Both accounts carried the bio: “The Official Twitter account for Rogers Public Schools … where all belong, all learn and all succeed.”

A spokesperson for Rogers School said in a statement: “Please note that @RogersSchools is the real Twitter account for the Rogers School District and @Rogers_Schools is an impersonator.” The fake Twitter account also posted a message saying, “Be aware of impersonators! @Rogers_Schools is the correct RPS account but please confirm closings at,” adding to confusion.

Tuesday morning, Rogers Schools, were, in fact, actually closed due to snow, per the district’s website. Of course, the impersonator cheerfully posted, “Rogers schools will remain open Tuesday, Jan. 11, with limited bus service.” The account has since been deactivated.

By: John Capone