John Capone

TweetDeck Hits The Web (Do You Give A Hoot?)

Many dedicated TweetDeck Users had tired some time ago of running a bulky, memory-hogging desktop application to control Twitter (and then other social streams) some time ago when web-based options such as Hootesuite became available. The folks at TweetDeck heard their cries, and Wednesday released its own long-awaited Web app. But there's one thing that still rankles.

Tweetgrid Multiplies Realtime Search, But Shines In Hashtag Chats

For some, a little Twitter search ain’t enough. And for them, there’s Tweetgrid, a fully customizable Twitter search tool for tracking multiple keyword-based searches in real time. With up to […]

Demonstrators March On Twitter HQ

San Franciscans picked up picket signs emblazoned with “Shame on You!” and converged on Twitter HQ at 795 Folsom Street Tuesday morning to voice their displeasure at proposed tax breaks […]

Harnessing The Power Of Twitter To Make Tweet Music

Social media has been credited with everything from wasting employees’ time to igniting revolutions across the middle east. It had, however, up until now never been accused of making music. […]

Aflac Wrong To Quack Down On Gottfried

As documented in the movie “The Aristocrats,” by telling a nearly mythic dirty joke comedian Gilbert Gottfried turns around a booing audience angry that he’d made a 9/11 crack soon […]

Is There Any Value In Branded Twitter Clients?

The video game series “Yakuza” is big in Japan, and its fifth installment, “Yakuza: Of the End,” which pits the gangsters against zombies (a match made in game geek heaven), […]

Unfollow Day #Fail: More People Following Charlie Sheen Than Ever

Try as they might to better mankind (or at least the Twittersphere), the well-meaning souls behind “Unfollow Charlie Sheen Day” have failed miserably. In fact, the Tiger Blood is coursing […]

Tweet From The Chaff: A Smarter Social Filter

If you view your Twitter and Facebook social streams as a firehose, the filtering app Refynr fits it with a gardenhose nozzle that can be adjusted to a fine mist […]

6 Third-Party iOS Twitter Apps Ready To Capitalize On The #Dickbar Debacle

On Tuesday night Twitter released an update to its official iOS app that addresses some bugs, but most notably changes the QuickBar (which had acquired the nickname the DickBar) so […]

A Duck, A Web Designer And Justin Bieber: The Top #DickBar Jokes

#Dickbar is making its way onto, well, the actual Dickbar. Amid the confused users asking “What is this Dickbar?” (and thinking they’d like to stop by for a drink) are […]