Snapchat Highlights Its New and Returning Snap Originals

The shows are typically under 5 minutes, full-screen, vertical and immersive

Players is one of the new Snap Originals

Snapchat provided an update on its Snap Originals programming at Advertising Week New York, sharing details on new shows and returning series.

The company said Snap Originals are made exclusively for the messaging application and the unique behaviors of consuming content via mobile devices, which is done in short bursts with people’s thumbs hovering over their screens.

Snap Originals are typically no more than five minutes long, full-screen, vertical and immersive, with hyper-visual components including graphics, split screens and quick cuts.

Snapchat shared several statistics to back its push into original video content:

Following are the details on the new Snap Originals:

Save Me

Snapchat also highlighted two new Snap Originals that focus on the emotional and social well-being of its audience:

The company also discussed some of its returning Snap Originals:


Finally, Snapchat said that when the third season of The Dead Girls Detective Agency debuted in August, 80% of viewers who completed its second season went on to watch season three, and 55% who watched the first episode went on to complete the season. Season four of The Dead Girls Detective Agency will debut later this fall.


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