Snap Inc. Removes Auto Advance From Snapchat, Introduces Story Playlist

With this update, the app will no longer automatically advance users from one Story to the next when they're watching Stories in the app's recent updates section.

Snap Inc. announced the removal of the Auto Advance feature from Snapchat, which will stop the application from automatically advancing users from one Story to the next when they’re watching Stories in the app’s recent updates section.

In a blog post, the Snapchat team said Auto Advance has been removed for “select Snapchatters” on Android, and the change will roll out soon for all users on Android and iOS.

In addition to this change, Snapchat will receive a new Story Playlist feature, which will allow users to select the Stories they want to watch and view them in full-screen in the order they selected them.

To be specific, the Snapchat team said users will be able to tap the Story thumbnail to the left of a user’s name to add the Story to their Story Playlist. When the user is ready, they will be able to tap the play button at the bottom of the screen to watch their playlist.

Snapchat is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.