Smuggled Kindle 3Gs Help Chinese Consumers Bypass Firewall

Amazon may not have distribution in China, but Kindles are still making their way to the country through black market channels. These Kindle 3Gs are giving Chinese consumers full access to sites such as Facebook and Twitter, which are usually censored in mainland China by the “Great Firewall.”

Breitbart reports: “Amazon’s Kindle 3G e-reader is being snapped up on China’s grey market as it has an extra special advantage for customers — it automatically leaps the so-called “Great Firewall” of state web censorship.”

The South China Post has more: “Some Net users are accustomed to using proxy servers to circumvent the mainland restriction, but the Kindle makes this unnecessary. ‘I still can’t believe it. I casually tried getting to Twitter, and what a surprise I got there,’ a mainland blogger said. ‘And then I quickly tried Facebook, and it perfectly presented itself. Am I dreaming? No, I pinched myself and it hurt.’”

While Amazon does not ship to China, a Beijing-based seller told the South China Morning Post that he had 30 Kindles shipped to an address outside of mainland and then carried them into China a couple at a time. He has sold 300 Kindles in the last month.

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