SMS, Mobile Web All the Rage in UK

text_pic_729_JIU.jpgIt’s official: folks in the UK love their mobile Internet. And sending text messages. And picture and video messaging, too.

According to a new report from the UK’s Mobile Data Association covering January-May of this year, UK consumers send roughly 1.5 billion text messages every week. Once SMS messaging takes off for commercial uses, the MDA expects volume to rise considerably.

Mobile users who like a bit more media with their messages send an average 10 million picture messages per week, which equals year-over-year growth of 30%.

In May, even before they could get their hands on the iPhone 3G, some 16.5 million UK residents accessed the mobile Internet. This is up 25% from May ’06 and works out to an average 4,500 new users every day, the MDA reports.

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Text Messaging

-6.5 billion text messages sent in the UK per month
-1.5 billion sent per week
-212.6 million sent per day
-25% growth from 4Q07 to 2Q08
-30% growth May ’07 to May ’08

Picture and Video messaging (MMS)

-46.5 million MMS sent in the UK per month
-10.7 million sent per week
-1.5 million sent per day
-MMS has seen a 30% year-on-year growth

Mobile Internet

-13 million unique visitors in May ’06
-16.4 million in May ’08
-136,875 average new users per month, May ’06-May ’08
-31,587 average new users per week
-4,500 per day

(Image credit: Jupiterimages Unlimited)