Nearly 70% of SMBs Are Concerned About Security Infrastructure

While the majority of SMBs are concerned with their security infrastructure, nearly half of those surveyed don't have a plan for a potential breach.


Security Infrastructure

Data breaches have been getting worse all year, especially for small businesses. SMBs are very concerned with the state of their security infrastructure, according to a new report from Software Advice, and rightly so. Cybersecurity awareness month may be over, but there’s still a lot of work to do.

Software Advice, an IT security research firm, surveyed 385 adults that were either owners or major decision makers at U.S. firms with 500 employees or less, and there is a high level of concern. Sixty-seven percent of respondents were between moderately concerned and extremely concerned. The 34 percent that remain were either ‘minimally concerned’ or not concerned at all.

When it comes to security confidence, the numbers are a little better. Fifty-two percent of respondents were ‘moderately confident’ that their sensitive data was secure. Only four percent were not confident, which is promising. Still, only 27 percent were ‘extremely confident.’

Businesses may not fully understand the liability of weak security protocols. Breaches can be very costly, and 32 percent of respondents ranged from ‘minimally confident’ to a scary ‘not sure.’

The report advises: “SMB owners and operators who are uncertain about their liability should at the very least read up on the consequences of a data breach or consult with a lawyer.”

There is also a startling number of businesses unprepared for the possibility of a data breach. Forty-four percent of respondents are either ‘not sure’ or have ‘no plan.’ The report notes, “If you don’t know whether you have a plan or not, even if it turns out that such a plan exists, it is probably not a very good plan.”

For more information on better security practices and tips for securing your small business check out the report.