75% Of SMBs Do Not Use Twitter Or Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ever wondered which regions in the USA have been the strongest adopters of social media among small and medium-sized businesses (SMB)?

Online survey maestros Zooomerang surveyed more than 500 SMB decision makers on the adoption of social media for business use and how these social media profiles are managed. The results? SMBs located in the Southeast and Great Plains states of the U.S. appear to be embracing social media at a quicker pace than other areas of the country, at 28% and 30% respectively.

But the most staggering find in the data is that 75% of the SMBs surveyed nationally do not have any branded social media presence for their business whatsoever.

The study also revealed:

  • The slowest regions to adopt social media are found in the Northeast (New England and, oddly, New York) and the Mid-Atlantic
  • 15% of those surveyed have internal social media policies in place
  • 6% say they have fired an employee for misuse of social media

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That 75% is a head-shaker. Or to look at it another way: what a fantastic opportunity for promotional agencies.

(Source: Zoomerang.)