Smashword’s Mark Coker Pushes For Community Publishing Initiatives at Libraries

Mark Coker, the founder/CEO of self-publishing community Smashwords, is pushing libraries to offer self-publishing programs to library patrons.

He explained his reasoning on the company’s blog:

Libraries are uniquely qualified to orchestrate community resources and talent to help local writers become professional self-publishers. By holding seminars and classes, and by bringing local authors together face to face with readers and aspiring authors, libraries can help unleash the talent locked inside the minds and fingertips of their local community’s writers.  They can also help ensure a steady future supply of library-friendly authors who will want to supply their ebooks to libraries.

Smashwords offers libraries tools to offer self-publishing to the community, as does digital publishing company FastPencil who works with Auto-Graphics to distribute its tools to libraries.

Coker will be speaking at our Self-Publishing Finishing School next month, a step-by-step course to transform your
manuscript into a published eBook.