Smash Hit: Break glass to survive on iOS, Android


Sprinkle developer Mediocre has announced the release of its newest game on iOS and Android devices, Smash Hit. The survival game challenges players to break as many types and pieces of glass as possible to progress, and offers 50 rooms and 11 different art styles at launch. Each room connects to the next, allowing players to complete as many rooms as they can before running out of shots.

In Smash Hit, players move through the world automatically, in a first-person perspective. Players tap on glass objects to aim and throw balls at them, with crystals rewarding players with three extra shots when hit. Other glass pieces serve as obstacles or locks to doors, and must be destroyed before the screen runs into them. Players lose shots when hitting obstacles, greatly reducing the final distance they can travel.

Over time, players will come across power-ups, which may offer unlimited shots to players for a short amount of time. These powers can be saved in the menu until they’re most needed. The game’s movement speed also increases as players clear more rooms in a single game.

As players clear rooms, they’re given checkpoints at which they can start their next game. Both progress within the world and amount of remaining shots are saved at these checkpoints, so players can choose to ignore them, in order to start the game over again with a better supply of ammunition.

On iOS, Smash Hit supports Game Center for an achievement system and tracking progress on leaderboards, as well as iCloud support for synced progress across devices.

Smash Hit is now available to download for free on iOS and Google Play. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.