As Other Services Close, ‘SmartStream’ Launches To Meet Your Twitter Chat Needs

Earlier, we told you about TweetChat and TweetGrid’s impending doom. And if you’re a fan of using either to manager Twitter hashtag chats, you’re likely in a tizzy.

Fear not, we have an alternative for you: SmartStream by oneQube. It’s free as well and it offers a bunch of extra functionalities that we think you’ll love.

oneQubeTM SmartStream launched today “to give Twitter chat participants a new, free way to participate in their favorite Twitter chat communities and hashtag conversations.” And their design is inspired by TweetChat:

As longtime, active Twitter chat participants, we have long been fans of Tweetchat. Even as we were developing a chat function as part of our oneQube platform, we looked first to Tweetchat for functionality.

You can imagine our dismay when we learned this weekend that the Twitter API changes had made it all but impossible for Tweetchat to keep going. As active chat participants ourselves, we felt compelled as a company to help support the thousands of thriving chat communities that rely on TweetChat to power their Twitter chats. So we turned to our developers and asked them if it would be possible to get the chat functionality out of private beta and enable anyone to use it.

SmartStream provides users with real­time analytics and allows them to:

• focus their livestream down to a specific hashtag
• tweet directly into those conversations
• see who’s most active in the conversation at that time
• view profiles and content without leaving the conversation stream
• find out what other hashtags are being used in the discussion
• save transcripts of those conversations

Yes, transcripts. So you can not only claim total recall of what was said, you’ll actually have it. Notes schmotes.

And the stream is highly customizable.

There are two ways you can view the Chat stream: Queue or Stream mode. Please note the default user setting is queue mode.

In queue mode, Tweets will “queue” up similar to how they do in native Twitter or Hootsuite.  The blue counter bar at the top indicates how many Tweets are waiting for you to view.  Click on the blue bar to release the Tweets in the pending in queue.  We provide a line separator to show where you last released Tweets into the stream, making it easy for you to keep track of your place in the chat.

Outside of sending a transcript of the chat, which is supercool, two other fantastic features include the ability to keep track of particular participants (should you choose to do so) and the ability to easily keep track of tweets where you’re mentioned:

Pretty neat, huh? Take it for a spin and let us know what you think!

(Image from Shutterstock)