Smartphone Penetration Hits 64% in US

Sixty-four percent of mobile phone owners in the U.S. own smartphones, according to a new report from Nielsen.

The research company found that between June and August, 15 percent of smartphone owners upgraded to smartphones. Here is more from Nielsen:

Young adults aged 25-34 have the highest smartphone penetration at 81 percent, and teens aged 13-17 are catching up, as nearly 70 percent of this group now uses smartphones. Mobile users over the age of 55 remain the minority of smartphone owners. In fact, 50 percent of the mobile subscribers using feature phones in the U.S. were those aged 55+, highlighting significant room for smartphone growth among this group of mobile users.

Ninety percent of mobile phone owners bought an iOS or Android device — 61 percent of consumers bought an Android phone and 34 percent got an iPhone. Android is the leading mobile operating system, as 53 percent of smartphone owners have Android devices. At the same time, Apple is the largest smartphone manufacturer with 40 percent of smartphone owners owning iOS devices.