Small Giant Games’ Oddwings Escape Takes Flight on iOS

The game challenges players to complete challenges, as well as endless survival flights, to rescue their bird friends from captivity.

Finnish developer Small Giant Games has announced the worldwide release of its debut game, Oddwings Escape, on iOS devices. The flying game challenges players to complete level-based missions and endless survival flights to rescue the Oddwings from the evil Dr. Rooster’s research lab.

Players begin with a single bird, Frankie, and will complete missions by dragging their finger around the screen to guide each bird’s flight. Gameplay is split into two sections for endless flying and specific challenges.

In the endless mode, birds have a limited amount of energy, which drains automatically over time, and gamers are challenged to fly as far as possible before eventually running out. Players can collect hearts scattered along the flight path to refill their energy and keep going. Gamers can also collect coins and keys in their path. Keys are used to unlock the cages holding the other birds captive, while coins are used to upgrade each bird’s stats, including their energy meter, flying speed and more.

Meanwhile, missions offer specific goals (pop bubbles, avoid mines, etc.). The energy system remains, but each path has a limited length. Each mission is timed, and gamers earn up to three stars at the end, depending on their performance. The game offers Facebook connectivity for tracking a player’s best times (and distance in endless mode) against friends.

Aside from Frankie, each bird has a special trait. Freeda, for instance, has extra energy, while Ramses can teleport, and so on. While free-to-play, gamers can purchase extra keys with real money to unlock these birds without the wait.

In a statement, Timo Soininen, CEO of Small Giant Games, commented on the game:

We felt from the very beginning, that in order to succeed in this very competitive market, we wanted our debut release, Oddwings Escape, to be something new and different, not just another match-three or strategy game. Oddwings Escape has been built with social features at its heart as well as from a story perspective that can resonate with players, both young and old. The game is meant for mobile gamers who are looking for a more challenging skill-based experience.

Oddwings Escape is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.