Slotomania Sees Traffic Resurgence on Facebook Following Playtika Acquisition

Slotomania is a slot machine gambling simulation from developer Playtika, which was reportedly acquired in part by Harrah’s, a casino brand in the Caesars Entertainment Corporation. Launched in December 2010, this game recently made a reappearance in our weekly lists of fastest-growing games by daily active and monthly active users after being absent for several months.

According to our data tracking service AppData, Slotomania – Slot Machines currently has over 4,179,000 monthly active users and over 912,000 daily active users.

Slotomania engages players in the same manner as slot machines in Las Vegas by using colorful graphics, music, and a steady stream of winning free coins to keep them playing. Players start the game with 200 coins and access to a “Farm Fortune” slot machine that features large, colorful cartoon-y farming icons such as chickens, barns and pigs on a three by five grid with a set of numbers along the left and right side of the board that form lines from one side to the other. Players choose how much virtual currency to bet on a spin and across how many lines they want to hope for a match.

The video game element comes from leveling up individual slot machines. As players place bets within a specific slot machine, they gain experience points. When they reach a new level, they unlock a new slot machine with a different theme (e.g. “Bubble Rumble” at level two with 250 points). As the games level, the number of lines within the slot machine also increases, allowing the player to make larger bets and earn more prize money.

To keep players engaged, the game provides coin bonuses at each level, allows players to send friends either free spins or coins. Similar to Playtika’s other title, Farkle Pro, the game also rewards players every four hours by giving them free coin bonuses. Social features include a Reel Game, which is a slot machine with friends’ profile pictures in place of the icons, as well as the usual Wall post achievements. The game monetizes through selling coins and with a TrialPay offer wall. The game is fairly generous with free coins, which perhaps explains the 20%-25% retention rate of daily active users as a percentage of monthly active users.

Interested readers can continue tracking the progress of Slotomania with AppData, our traffic tracking application for social games and developers.

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