Slot Buster review

Slot Buster is a new Facebook game from Wedge Buster. It’s currently enjoying a feature spot in the New Games category of Facebook’s App Center.

Slot Buster is, as the name suggests, a slot machine simulation game. Upon starting the game for the first time, the player is immediately bombarded with a selection of pop-ups showing them how to accept and send gifts and how to acquire a daily bonus, inviting them to Like the game on Facebook and offering them a “starter pack” of in-game currency. It’s several clicks before the player can get into the game proper, and many of these popups return any time the player leaves the game idle for more than a couple of minutes or returns to the lobby — the game is particularly fond of showing players “special deals for level [x] players” and implying that it is the only chance they will have to take advantage of that offer.

Once into the game proper, the experience is very conventional for the genre. The player begins with access to a single low-stakes machine and gradually unlocks additional machines with higher stakes and new visual themes by leveling up. Experience points, used to level up, are earned through simply playing the machines — the amount the player bets on a single spin corresponds exactly to the number of experience points they gain, so if they want to level up quicker they will need to play on higher-stakes machines.

The machines themselves are all very straightforward multi-line slots games. Most of the time, the player will probably be clicking the “Bet Max” button over and over again to give themselves the best possible chance of winning — and the best number of experience points gained. As usual, each machine has a few little twists — collecting three or more Scatter symbols triggers five free spins, for example, while three or more Bonus symbols starts each machine’s unique (and thematically-appropriate) bonus game, all of which are chance-based.

The only addition to the usual formula which Slot Buster makes is a collection mechanic whereby with each spin the player has a random chance to collect a gem. When five gems have been collected, the player earns 20 free spins which can be used on any machine that they have unlocked. They don’t have to use their gem bonus immediately, either — so if they’re close to unlocking the next machine and possible higher winnings, they can wait until then to trigger their bonus.

Ultimately, Slot Buster is just another slot machine game for Facebook that doesn’t do anything particularly interesting. There’s nothing particularly “social” about the experience, unlike games which have made a specific effort to bring people together like Zynga Elite Slots and Product Madness’ Team Slots, and the entire game is reduced to little more than clicking the same button over and over again — there’s no real strategy or skill involved, and the game doesn’t even have the draw of real-money gambling to keep things interesting. Consequently, it’s tough to recommend Slot Buster in good conscience — as a slot machine sim, it’s certainly competent and well-presented enough, but it just isn’t fun or exciting at all.

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Yet another unimaginative slot machine sim to add to Facebook’s already-ample collection.