Slideshow: Inside Edelman New York

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PRNewser stopped by Edelman’s New York office this week for a tour. The agency moved into their new downtown digs this past August, combining two offices: the previous New York headquarters in Times Square and a Union Square satellite office.

Edelman has four and a half floors at 250 Hudson St., and the New York office is “neck and neck” with Edelman’s Chicago office in terms of headcount, we were told. Design firm Gensler assisted in creating the new office space, said Katarina Wong, Edelman’s Director of Community & Curatorial Engagement.

The new offices focus on open and communal spaces. Everyone from CEO Richard Edelman on down, works in cubicles. The only person who has an office is the head of HR. There are a number of different pieces of custom art adorning the walls, in addition to “green” features such as office furniture made from recycled materials and a green roof.

At a speaking engagement at the new offices this past October, Richard Edelman said he was “dragged kicking and screaming” below 42nd St., but the real estate deal was too enticing to pass up.

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