SlideShare Deeply Links With LinkedIn

SlideShare, a site that is popularly known for hosting and sharing photos, slide shows, and business documents is now more deeply integrated with LinkedIn, one of the world’s most popular professional social networks.

The user base of SlideShare, which is often used to share professional documents, and LinkedIn already had a significant overlap.

With the new integration SlideShare will now have a LinkedIn share button on all of its documents, allowing users to share SlideShare content on LinkedIn without having to go to LinkedIn itself. But that is not all, the SlideShare content that would appear on LinkedIn’s activity stream can now be viewed by users directly from LinkedIn without having to go to SlideShare.

According to Ross Mayfield, SlideShare’s vice president for business development:

We’re making it easier to share SlideShare content on LinkedIn, as well as making it easier to engage with SlideShare content on LinkedIn.

Mayfield further disclosed that SlideShare will be sourcing content to LinkedIn Today, the news digest that LinkedIn compiles for its users based on their interests and activity within their network. This move would make SlideShare to be the first non-publishing content provider for LinkedIn Today.