Slide FunSpace Sweeps the List Again Among This Week’s Top Gaining Apps by Monthly Active Users

Slide FunSpace has posted even bigger gains this week than last, pulling in almost 9 million new monthly active users on our weekly AppData list. In under two weeks, the sharing app has gone from a modest 4.5 million users to over 20 million, putting it among the ranks of Facebook’s largest apps.

The stellar growth appears to be coming from Facebook’s redesign and other causes — we’ll be covering it in more detail, shortly. Whatever it is, it’s paying off across Slide’s entire portfolio, with SPP Ranch!, SuperPoke! Pets and SuperPocus also showing up below:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon Slide FunSpace20,873,653+8,795,645+42.14
2.icon Static FBML29,736,803+6,533,190+21.97
3.icon Marketplace12,488,222+1,984,621+15.89
4.icon Friend Quiz13,259,709+1,725,871+13.02
5.icon FarmVille82,848,181+1,722,395+2.08
6.icon Friend FAQ8,310,296+1,394,732+16.78
7.icon Friends Exposed17,429,568+1,393,981+8.00
8.icon MindJolt Games19,115,565+1,314,904+6.88
9.icon SPP Ranch!2,421,486+1,090,883+45.05
10.icon SuperPoke! Pets3,452,936+1,083,085+31.37
11.icon How Fast Are You?! PROVE IT1,311,899+1,037,264+79.07
12.icon My City Life3,550,633+1,006,568+28.35
13.icon Photos I Love!6,583,264+822,325+12.49
14.icon My Top Fans4,161,456+680,940+16.36
15.icon Facebook for iPhone28,018,862+671,893+2.40
16.icon Send Glitter!1,348,798+660,575+48.98
17.icon Ninja Saga3,638,138+627,330+17.24
18.icon Texas HoldEm Poker26,883,830+618,835+2.30
19.icon SuperPocus606,518+606,518+100.00
20.icon Demande à tes Amis1,800,208+542,145+30.12

Static FBML, the second fastest-growing app, is continuing a rise it started weeks ago. Rather than direct users, its new MAU numbers come from all the users who interact with custom Pages on Facebook.

At number three, Marketplace has made something of a surprise appearance. Earlier in February, developer Oodle ran a sweepstakes that resulted in a huge influx of users. But the sweepstakes has been over for a week, and new people continue to flood in, though not at the rates they were before.

If we ignore FarmVille, there are three apps in a row that are closely connected: Friend Quiz, Friend FAQ and Friends Exposed. The first two are essentially the same app, from an unlisted developer, which combined gives them over 21 million users; and we’ve covered Topzy’s Friends Exposed before. They’re all friend quizzes that post to the victim’s wall, a fact that has helped them enjoy torrid growth of late.

Finally, Photos I Love!, another app by an independent, has appeared here for the second week in the row. Like Slide FunSpace, it’s for sharing content, another hot category at the moment.