Skyreader To Publish Kids eBook Apps

Skywriter Media & Entertainment Group is launching a new digital publishing platform called Skyreader Media.

Skyreader will publish interactive eBook apps for tablets. The company launches with four new apps including teo apps for fve to nine year olds and two for nine to thirteen year olds. For the younger audience, Robo Buddy is “the story of two best friends who will do anything for each other…even if it means Mom won’t be happy,” and Coyote’sTale is a novel based on a Mexican folk tale that “teaches children that courage and wit can help turn around tough situations.”

For the older kids, Banana Ninja is, “a tale of injustice and courage that teaches a lesson on the benefit of using your head before your hands,” and Mars Colony is a family adventure tale set on Mars set in the year 2130.