Skype for Mobile now works in 50 Java enabled phones

skypeformobile.jpgEver wanted to do your “Skype-ing” anytime, anywhere even if you don’t have a PC? Well, now you can do so using your mobile phone, through Skype’s recently launched Skype for Mobile beta. Yes folks, that same Skype PC to PC calls we used to enjoy are now enabled for our mobile phones.Skype for Mobile works on almost 50 Java-enabled handsets from Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola among many other mobile phones. Phone to PC calls costs lower than the usual phone to phone calls as well. You could also see your Skype contacts through your mobile phones whenever they are online. And if you feel the need to talk to them or tell them something, you can always do so by sending them an IM or call them through Skype using your mobile phones. It’s would actually save you some good amount of dough as compared to making a phone-to-phone call and mobile phone to landline calls.

To use Skype for Mobile, visit its site and download the application directly to your mobile phone. Or if you want, you can download the application first into your PC and transfer it later on to your mobile phone.

If you’re going to ask how much it would cost you to use Skype for Mobile, it depends actually on the type of Skype that you are going to use.

To call a landline or mobile phone, the normal cost of making those calls depending on your network’s charges plus SkypeOut rate to the destination you’re calling.

To call your Skype contact, the cost is equivalent to the local or national call cost on your mobile phone network.

To send IM and staying online on Skype, the cost would depend on the amount of data you used. The more data you use, the higher your charges will be.

To receive calls from Skype contacts, SkypeOut charges of the country where you are will apply.