Skype for iPhone Soon to Work Over AT&T 3G as Well as WiFi

YouTube video courtesy of Skype Conversations

Frank McPherson, my old friend and newly minted MobileContentToday co-editor & co-blogger, and I wanted to chat briefly over Skype yesterday. Sure, we could have just made a plain ol’ voice call. But, what fun is that? The downside of this “fun”, however, is that I had to find a WiFi hotspot since Skype for the iPhone doesn’t work over AT&T’s 3G network. Fortunately, Skype just announced that this is about to change…

An update on Skype for iPhone and calling over 3G

As you can see/hear in the video embedded above, Skype says that a version of Skype for iPhone that works over 3G will be coming real soon now and will have sound quality that is “CD quality”. I can’t wait!

Via the Los Angeles Times: Skype says new 3G iPhone app coming ‘really soon,’ will have CD-quality sound