Skype for iPad Initial Impression: Space Wasting UI. But, Users Are Happy

After a false start last night, the free Skype for iPad app is now available in the iTunes App Store

Skype for iPad is Available. Oops! It Disappeared (Social Times)

Skype 1.0 for iPad (Skype Garage)

Skype for iPad (iTunes App Store)

I installed it on an iPad 2 and am unimpressed so far. Here’s why.

Skype for iPhone runs on an iPad. Granted, it does not scale to the iPad’s large display without pixelation. But, it runs fine on the iPad. The new iPad specific version of the app does not add any functionality and is actually missing a chat indicator. The worst aspect of the iPad app, however, is its poor use of the iPad’s display. The left sidebar is nearly devoid of useful information. And, do I really need huge thumbnails for each contact? It would have been much better to pack more of my contact list into the display while keeping the list touch friendly. This would reduce scrolling in the contact list. They could have even squeezed other information in like “last contact date.”

My complaints aside, iPad toting Skype users appear estatic about the app’s release. The app currently has a 4.5 star rating (out of 5) based on 543 ratings in the iTunes App Store.