Skype for Android with Video Call Support for HTC Thunderbolt is Unofficial

Skype is, by far, the dominant Voice over IP (or Voice over Network) player in the world. Perhaps because of their dominance, Skype has make some logic defying decisions in recent years. For example, Skype for Android was initially only available for Verizon Android phones in the U.S. Skype completely removed Skype for Windows Mobile which worked fine. Skype recently released an update for their Mac OS X client that is nearly universally reviled. Skype released a client for the iPhone but not for the iPad (although the iPhone app works reasonably well on the iPad if you ignore its pixelated look when used full-screen).

Neither my Droid nor my Nexus One has a front-facing camera. So, I did not notice Skype for Android’s inability to support video calls. So, I initially thought this announcement on Droid Life was reporting on a Skype announcemment. It does not.

Download: Skype With Video On Android

The Skype with Video for Android referred to is apparently a version hacked to provide video support. The download is available on a number of non-Skype servers. And, it only appears to work with the HTC Thunderbold phone (available for use on Verizon’s network) which features a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera. Users of other Android devices with a front-facing camera will just have to wait to see if another hacked Skype appears or if Skype itself will choose to actually provide an official update with video support.