Skype Calling Integrated into Nokia N900 – Nice!

YouTube video courtesy of abrennan

Having not seen a Nokia N900 up close and personal, I didn’t realize that Skype is built into the device and doesn’t require a separate app to be installed…

Video: Skype on Nokia N900 (Skype Gear Blog)

The whole process of making a Skype call using the N900 looks very easy with its tight integration with the N900. If there is a Maemo app for the N900 that lets me record podcast guests over a Skype call on the N900, the phone will move up a lot higher on my list of gadgets to consider buying.

The N900 has disappeared from Amazon (though available for pre-order through a 3rd party) and is not on (which has been carrying unlocked Nokia N series phones). Nokia USA’s website lists it for $569. This is too high for an impluse buy for me. But, still low enough to consider for a possible 2010 purchase.