Skyfire VideoQ: Watch Flash Videos on an iPhone or iPad

If you really feel you must be able to view Flash videos on an iPhone or iPad, Skyfire may have a non-browser solution for you. It is the new $1.99 iOS app:

Skyfire VideoQ

Skyfire takes pains to make it clear that VideoQ is not a browser solution. You can, however, let Skyfire know about an unplayable Flash video on your iOS device when is then converted for viewing in VideoQ. You can tell Skyfire about which Flash videos you want to watch by:

– Use the “Mail Link to this Page” button in Safari or any browser to email a webpage with a Flash video to
– Copy the URL of a webpage that has a Flash video and open Skyfire VideoQ
– Install the Skyfire VideoQ bookmarklet into Safari. Once you find a page with a Flash video, just use the bookmarket to send the page to your Skyfire VideoQ

Flash games and other Flash apps are not supported by VideoQ. The app is strictly for viewing Flash videos on the web.

Video courtesy of Skyfire VideoQ

Via LaptopMag: Hands-On: Skyfire’s Flash-Friendly VideoQ App Brings Flash to iOS