Skyfire, Terra, & Atomic Browsers for iPad All Rated "NC17" by Apple

The new free Terra browser for the iPad generated a bit of buzz last week. It provides unlimited tabs, full screen browsing, the ability to save web pages offline with images, and text search on a page. It has an impressive 4.5 average rating (with 541 ratings for version 1.01).

Terra – Web Browser with Tabs, Full Screen, and Offline

I was somewhat amused that the app has the equivalent of an NC17 movie rating and provides the warning of: Frequent/intense Sexual Content or Nudity. The $4.99 Skyfire browser received the same rating and warning after its release. You can see a screenshot of the warning here.

The 99 cent Atomic Web Browser also received an NC17-like rating with multiple warnings about Intense Horror, Simulated Gambling, Profanity and a host of other unsavory characteristics. You can see its list of offenses in the second screeshot.

Of course, all web browsers, including Apple’s own Safari mobile, can access the same web sites. And, it is not like any of these browsers provide pre-installed links to sites that provide such content. Let’s hope Apple rethinks how these app ratings are assigned in the near future.