Skyfire Adds Feeds, Better Text Views to Browser

Skyfire has come out with the beta 0.9 version of its PC-like mobile browser. The new release adds social Web features, including a real-time activity wall where users can aggregate news, media, Facebook and Twitter feeds. Feeds from Digg, ESPN, Google News, Hulu, YouTube and Yahoo News are already included in the browser.

Facebook and Twitter users can import their news feeds and streams into Skyfire and publish their status to the networks from within the browser. The update also allows users to publish Web pages to their Facebook or Twitter stream by just going to Skyfire’s share menu.

Also new in version 0.9 is an improvement in text viewing meant to make it easier to read large blocks of text – without needing a landscape mode. The company says this upgrade addresses the problem of reading Web text designed for PC viewing on the phone’s small screen.

According to Skyfire marketing VP Tracy DeMiroz, while the original release of Skyfire was focused on delivering rich media to cell phones, the company spent much effort on improving the text experience. “The strides we made now give our users the best of both experiences, whether they are watching a show on Hulu or reading an article in the New York Times.”