Skyfire 1.5 Made my Windows Mobile Phone a Useful Web Browsing Tool!

YouTube video courtesy of SkyefireLabs

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know I have not been as enthusiastic as other mobile writers/bloggers about the Skyfire web browser. My past blog items had subject lines like…

May 28, 2009: Skyfire 1.0 for S60 & Windows Mobile Launches: Great if You are a Fan of Aliased Pixelated Screens

Aug. 26, 2009: Skyfire 1.1 Browser for Windows Mobile & Symbian Improving With Age

So, here it is nearly mid-December 2009, and we now have…

Skyfire Launches 1.5 for Windows Mobile

So, how is it? To find out, I downloaded and installed Skyfire 1.5 on my HTC Touch Pro2 running Windows Mobile 6.1. I don’t see the pixelation issue I noted back in May. And, while I wish it rendered pages a bit faster, rendering was fast enough to be useful. Most importantly, however, finished web page rendering looked good with decent navigation. I even like the look of the app’s icons.

Skyfire 1.5 is not only an improved and usable browser, it is far superior to the travesty known as Internet Explorer Mobile. I stopped browsing the web on my Windows Mobile phone shortly after buying an iPhone 3G last year. But, Skyfire 1.5 turned my Touch Pro2 into a useable and useful web browsing device.