Sky News Is a-Twitter About General Election

Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News has taken a liking to Twitter, as reports that Twitter correspondent Ruth Barnett will move to its bureau in Westminster to focus on politics and the upcoming general election.

Barnett told she is making the move “ahead of what is likely to be a very social-media general election,” adding that she “campaigned the news value of social media among colleagues at Sky News and acted as a point of contact for readers and viewers.”

She continued:

With tools such as Twitter, there is sometimes a failure to listen as many organizations seem to just pump out links. I would suggest you have to be bold, try new ideas, experiment. That’s what has made this role so much fun.

A Sky News spokesperson told

Social media is now a key element of all Sky News’ newsgathering and output. From editors and presenters to correspondents, reporters, producers and researchers, it is now viewed as an integral part of all journalistic roles at Sky, as, of course, it is starting to become at a lot of other mainstream news organizations, as well.