Skobbler Provides Offline Maps For Travelers Abroad

Have you ever been in a random city abroad and used the phone on your map to find your way, only to discover a huge bill when you got home? Well Skobbler hopes to help you avoid this problem with its mapping app Forever Map 2, which happens to be free today.

The app updated this week adding an international online and offline guidance. Wikitravel  a crowdsourced, worldwide travel guide, built by a global community of about 100,000 travelers — powers the app. The app will give users access to this data and give directions to landmarks and restaurant recommendations all within the map app.

Here is more from iTunes: “Once installed you will always have them with you, even without an Internet connection, and you’ll be able to use them fully. Including every city and city map. The map remains a single unit. You never have to jump backwards and forwards between lots of maps.”